Importing dietary supplements

A supplement is defined as foodstuffs intended to supplement a normal diet. Dietary supplements are subject to any legislation that applies to foodstuffs.

Importing dietary supplements is subject to a large amount of EU legislation. The reason for the comprehensive set of regulations is the EU:s mission to protect EU citizens from price dumping, as well as diseases and vermin. They are also in place to protect endangered wild fauna and flora.

Several authorities, for example the Swedish Food Authority, the Swedish Board of Agriculture and Swedish Customs are jointly responsible for the regulations. The website verksamt.se contains information from these authorities about considerations when importing foodstuffs.

Read the information about importing foodstuffs from the authorities on verksamt.se.

Dietary supplements or pharmaceutical products?

If there is a claim that a dietary supplement may prevent or treat a medical condition, it is considered to be a pharmaceutical product. Ensure that you inspect the commodity description on both the goods and the packaging. Different rules apply to pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements.

If you are uncertain about whether your goods are dietary supplements or pharmaceutical products, please contact the Medical Products Agency prior to ordering the goods.

The Medical Products Agency’s definition of pharmaceutical products. (Swedish)

Information about pharmaceutical products and dietary supplements from the Swedish Food Authority. (Swedish)

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