How and when do I pay my charges?

It is the transport company that is delivering your goods which works out how much you have to pay in customs duty, VAT and any other taxes. The transport company sends you an invoice (e.g. via ordinary mail or text message).

In most cases, the transport company delivering your goods will calculate any customs duty, VAT or other taxes that you owe. They will then send you an invoice, for example by mail or text message. Pay the fees to the shipping company, which will then deliver the parcel to you.

Some online sellers allow you to pay VAT at the same time as you make the purchase. Please note, in the case of ordering goods subject to excise duty, such as tobacco or some electronics, that you will have to pay excise duty and VAT on any excise duty to your shipping company when the goods arrive in Sweden.

Find out more about excise duty on the page Excise duty on imports.

If you have not been given the opportunity to pay charges

If your transport company did not help by working out the charges, or if it forgot to send you an invoice, you must inform us within three years. You can post or email us the details:

  • the company that transported the goods;
  • the receipt or invoices for your purchase;
  • your contact details.

Email the details to tullverket@tullverket.se or write to:

Box 27311
SE-102 54 Stockholm

When we have received the details from you, we work out what you have to pay and send you a periodical customs bill.

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