Do I have to pay to receive a gift?

If you receive a gift sent from a country outside the EU, various rules apply depending on its value and its contents. It is your transport company that works out if you have to pay anything to receive your gift.

These are the rules for receiving a present without charges

You can only receive a gift without having to pay charges if it is:

  • sent between two private individuals;
  • sent on a single occasion;
  • sent without payment by the recipient;
  • only for private use;
  • not worth more than SEK 600;
  • not goods subject to special rules (e.g. tobacco or perfume).

A gift can never come from a company

You must pay customs duty, VAT and any other taxes on any gift you are given when buying something online. The same applies if anyone orders a gift that is sent direct to you from a company. Customs does not regard this as a gift and you will have to pay customs duty, VAT and any other taxes.

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