Haparanda Customs Clearance Office

Office address: Kraftvägen 3G

The office in Haparanda can only clear TIR and ATA carnets

The customs clearance of TIR and ATA carnets for border-crossing traffic is available Monday-Friday, 08.00-16.00. You must book a time to clear your goods.

Book a time at least 24 hours in advance

You can book a time by sending an email to kont.nord.planering@tullverket.se 24 hours before your desired customs clearance time.

Customs clearance of other goods

To clear other goods, you must go to one of our other customs clearance offices or use a representative.

Obligatory information when booking customs clearance

The following information is obligatory and must be provided when you book customs clearance:

  • TIR or ATA carnet number
  • date of application
  • declarant or representative (EORI number, name, address, telephone, email)
  • desired customs clearance (date, time, place)
  • desired customs clearance measure
  • means of transport (number, unit denotation).

Customs Office Reference number

Search for Customs offices in the European Commission's database of Customs offices.

GPS coordinates

WGS 84 (lat, long): N 65° 50.317', E 24° 8.318'
WGS 84 decimal degrees (lat, long): 65.83861, 24.13863
RT90: 7329475, 1879889
SWEREF99: 7332292, 916210

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