Swedish Customs Organization

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Swedish Customs has around 2,300 employees in total. On 1 January 2021, Swedish Customs’ new organisation went live. It is briefly described on this page.

Swedish Customs is headed by a Director General. A Deputy Director-General takes over this role whenever necessary.

Immediately under the Director General, there are the Executive Office and Internal Audit functions as well as a head of security.

Swedish Customs’ has four nationally-run operational departments:

  • Controls Department,
  • Revenue Department,
  • Intelligence Department,
  • Criminal Investigation Department.

In their turn, these core operational departments are each divided into four geographic areas – South, West, East and North.

Other departments are:

  • Administration Department,
  • Finance Department,
  • IT Department,
  • Human Resources,
  • Communications & PR,
  • Legal Department.

Management Group

The Director General is the head of Swedish Customs. The Management Group provides direct support for the director general.

Swedish Customs' Management Group

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