Drunk-driving checks–measures to improve road safety

Swedish Customs carries out breathalyser tests at every customs inspection of a motor vehicle with a driver when the necessary technical equipment is in place.

On 1 July 2008, following a decision taken by the Swedish Parliament, Swedish Customs were given powers to intervene against drink-driving offences to make more effective use of society’s road safety resources. The first full year in which Swedish Customs carried out breathalyser testing to the extent deemed reasonable based on other control activities was 2010.

Cooperation against alcohol and drugs in traffic

SMADIT, The Swedish acronym for the Cooperation Against Alcohol and Drugs in Traffic initiative, is a cooperation between the Swedish Transport Administration, the police, the coastguard, customs, municipalities, county councils, the Swedish Transport Agency and the Swedish Prison Service.

The aim of SMADIT is to increase road safety by reducing the number of drivers who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Drivers who are caught should be offered treatment quickly, thereby reducing the risk of recidivism.

Powers of Swedish Customs

Act (2008:322) on the powers of Customs and the Coast Guard to intervene against drink-driving offences (In Swedish)

Film for educational purposes

Together, the SMADIT partners have produced a film that can be used for educational purposes.

Watch the film on YouTube

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