EDI – Test Environment and final tests

Swedish Customs offers a test environment in which holders of registration for communication via EDI (TVEDI) can carry out own tests and final tests. Within the TVEDI framework, you can test, all day round with no limitation on time, all message types that Swedish Customs offers.

General information about the the Swedish Customs Test Environment (in Swedish)

Submit final tests for approval

In order to get approval for tests and to be able to send and receive electronic documents in the production environment to Swedish Customs your company must perform a number of necessary final tests. The number of final tests to be carried out depends on what the system is intended for. When final tests have been completed with the expected results, your appointed test coordinator communicates this to the EDI test function. Send an email stating

  • your corporate identification number
  • your company’s contact person for EDI issues (name and email address)
  • name and number of final test
  • LRN (tull-id) or MRN number for each final test
  • which system is used.

The final tests may not be more than a month old, and you must have received approved reply messages to all your test transaction. When contacting the EDI test function, always state the test case number (EDI-XX) which you received with information about the company’s registration.

Important when using the test environment:

  • Always use the test indicator (1) for the message to be submitted to the test environment instead of the production environment.
  • Do not send big files, batches or make volume tests in the test environment.
  • The technical specifications always apply in case of any discrepancies in the test examples.
  • After the test are completed it is important that the test indicator is removed in order to send in production.

Swedish Customs may publish new final tests and, if needed, change current final tests.

Final tests for companies

Entry summary declaration (ENS/ICS)

Note! Does not apply to goods transported by air.

Information about the entry and exit summary declaration procedure:
Entry and exit summary declarations

Depending on whether your use a system that have been approved for the ENS/ICS messages or not, there are different demands on how many final tests you need to perform before attaining a Decision of approved tests:

  • When using a system approved for ENS messages you only need to perform final test Number 1. The test is available below in the information for system developers.
  • When using a non-approved system or if you develop an in-house system must perform final tests Number 1 to 6. The tests are available below for system developers.

Final tests for other procedures

Test information for import, export, transit and customs warehouse is only available in Swedish.

Final tests (in Swedish)

Final tests for system developers

To be able to carry out tests and final tests, system developers are assigned a basic package that has fictional authorisations and unique, fictional test details. These test details are based on the messages that, according to your initial application, you intend to develop initially.

Entry summary declaration - ENS/ICS (technical specification SCTS-AIS)

Messageflow AIS-ICS EN ver 1.0 (2010-07-29) Pdf, 88.3 kB.

System developers that are developing systems and wish to have their approved tests published must perform and gain approval for final tests number 1 to 11 including a technical final test.

System developers and companies that are developing in-house systems must perform and gain approval for final test number 1 to 6.

Final tests

Slutprov_1_ICS_EN_v3.0 Pdf, 190.6 kB.

Slutprov_2_ICS_EN_v4.0 Pdf, 202 kB.

Slutprov_3_ICS_EN_v1.0 Pdf, 43.1 kB.

Slutprov_4_ICS_EN_v3.0 Pdf, 192.1 kB.

Slutprov_5_ICS_EN_v4.0 Pdf, 209.4 kB.

Slutprov_6_ICS_EN_v1.0 Pdf, 43.7 kB.

Slutprov_7_ICS_EN_v1.0 Pdf, 44.5 kB.

Slutprov_8_ICS_EN_v3.0 Pdf, 205.4 kB.

Slutprov_9_ICS_EN_v3.0 Pdf, 192.3 kB.

Slutprov_10_ICS_EN_v2.0 Pdf, 191.2 kB.

Slutprov_11_ICS_EN_v3.0 Pdf, 196.1 kB.

Technical final test ICS IE315 max. filled fields and repetitions 3.0.
ENS technical final test is available in Swedish.

Test information and final tests for other procedures

Test information and final tests for import, export, transit, customs warehouse, temporary storage are only available in Swedish

EDI-Scenarios, sample files and test cases (in Swedish)

Final tests for system developers (in Swedish)

Questions or problems?

For questions or problems during the test process contact EDI Test at edi.test@tullverket.se

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