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Use our form to ask questions about customs rules and trade. We respond within five working days.

Both companies and private individuals can address questions to our Information Service. The Information Service can answer questions from companies regarding trade with countries outside the EU, customs duties, commodity codes, AEO certification and various permits. Private individuals may ask questions about travelling or moving to Sweden, importation and exportation of vehicles, etc.

If you need an answer sooner, we recommend that you call +46 771 520 520. Select English and then Information Service.


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We will be able to help you better if you give us your phone number and, if you are representing a economic operator, Business Registration Number.

This is how we process your personal data when you contact us via our form

Why does Swedish Customs process your personal data?

Personal data submitted in the form and during the handling of any matter are processed within the framework of Swedish Customs’ assignment. This processing is necessary so that Swedish Customs can fulfil its obligations as a public agency.


In the handling of questions sent to Swedish Customs, personal data are processed so that Swedish Customs can answer each question and provide a service. Swedish Customs will also use personal data to compile statistics. No statistics are compiled at an individual level.

Legal grounds

Swedish Customs is under an obligation to accept questions and provide a service. When answering questions and providing a service, personal data are processed under §§ 6 and 7 of Sweden’s Administrative Procedure Act (1986:223).

Everything you send to Swedish Customs is a so-called “public document”. The general public can request a copy of any such document. If anyone requests details of such documents, there is a confidentiality review to assess whether or not the data shall be treated as confidential. Swedish Customs then decides whether the data can be divulged, wholly or partly.

Swedish Customs will not make commercial use of your data by passing it on to third parties.


Records of any matter involving a service question sent to Swedish Customs are disposed of after 2 years. Thus, your personal data will be saved by Swedish Customs for 2 years after the matter has concluded.

Personal data controller

In the context of service questions, Swedish Customs is the data controller for the processing of personal data.

These are your rights

Right to access your data (register extract)

You can request a copy of the data you would like to see and verify the information we have about you. The copy is free.

Right to correction

If data are incorrect, you can contact Swedish Customs and request that we correct incorrect data. This also means that you are entitled to supplement missing personal data that is important as regards the purpose of our processing of personal data.

Right to be deleted (“the right to be forgotten”)

You are entitled to request deletion of your personal data if the information about you is no longer necessary for the purpose for which it was collected. However, there may be legal obligations that prevent Swedish Customs, as a public agency, deleting information about you. In such cases, the information Swedish Customs is obliged to save is blocked so that it cannot be used for any purpose other than fulfilling the legal obligations.

Right to restrict processing

You are entitled to restrict processing of your personal data. Restrict here means that the data are marked so that, in future, they can only be used for certain restricted purposes. The right to restrict applies, for example, when you consider that the data are incorrect and you have requested correction. In such cases, you can also request that processing of the data is restricted throughout the time that Swedish Customs investigates whether or not the data are incorrect.

Right to complain

If you feel that Swedish Customs is processing your data incorrectly, you should first contact Swedish Customs. You are also entitled to complain to the supervisory authority, i.e. the Swedish Data Protection Authority.

You can get in touch with Swedish Customs via tullverket@tullverket.se or +46 771 520 520.
You can also contact Swedish Customs’ data protection officer via dataskyddsombud@tullverket.se.

Read more on the Swedish Data Protection Authority’s website.

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