Cooperation against Customs related crime

This scheme is based on cooperation between us and your business to prevent customs related crime

What is Cooperation against Customs Related Crime?

Transports and goods flows are often used by criminal organisations to smuggle goods like narcotics, weapons and tobacco. Through cooperation against customs related crime you reduce your risk of being used for such purposes. The cooperation is based on a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between us and your business, where we agree on joint activities in the combat against organised crime. By sharing our competence, contact networks and experience, we cooperate to protect business and society against customs crime.

How do we work with MoU:s?

Every business that is granted an AEO certificate is offered to sign an MoU. In the process, we survey for example the flows of transports, goods and information in your business. In this way, possible risks and threats can be identified and prevented.
In addition to holders of AEO certificates, we also aim to reach other businesses where we consider a close cooperation to be fruitful. This also includes businesses that are not involved in any customs related activities.

What does the agreement entail?

The thought is that your business will contact us if you discover or suspect any deviations that may indicate criminal activities. When you pick up, deliver, receive or in any other way handle flows of transport or goods, you might notice details that can help us in our combat against customs crime. These are the details we are interested in. All information you give us will be kept confidential.

Through an MoU you signal that your business does not approve of smuggling and other customs crime, which in turn strengthens your trademark.

Help us!

All actors in the international supply chain have a common interest in cooperation against organised crime and security threats. Through cooperation we can all work together!

Report a suspected crime

Interested in MoU?

For further information about your future work with us and Cooperation against Customs Related Crime, please read more about how you can get your security and safety procedures AEO certified, or contact us.

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