Information for individuals arriving in Sweden from Ukraine

This page contains information for refugees arriving to Sweden from Ukraine bringing vehicles, animals and personal belongings.

Bringing cars and other vehicles from Ukraine

You are permitted to bring vehicles with Ukrainian or Russian licence plates to Sweden. However, you are required to acquire a frontier insurance policy, which is a form of traffic insurance, to drive your vehicle in Sweden. This insurance is free for the first 30 days.

Contact us when you arrive at the Swedish border to acquire your insurance. Select the red lane in the passenger surveillance area at the Swedish border crossing and contact a customs officer.

The free border insurance offer for 30 days is valid to Ukrainian citizens with a vehicle registered in Ukraine or Russia until 31 December 2022.

After 6 months have passed, you must declare your vehicle, unless it meets the criteria for duty relief for goods related to moving.

Additional information about frontier insurance from the Swedish Traffic Insurance Association (in Swedish).

Bringing dogs, cats or other pets from Ukraine

If you are travelling with pets you are required to give notification at the border. Submit your notification by selecting the red lane in the passenger surveillance area and contact a customs officer.

The Swedish Board of Agriculture is the responsible agency for animals entering Sweden. Their website contains relevant information for travellers from Ukraine.

Information from Swedish Customs about bringing pets to Sweden.

Find out more about bringing dog, cats or other pets into Sweden from the Swedish Board of Agriculture (in Swedish).

Personal belongings

In some cases, you may bring personal belongings from Ukraine to Sweden without having to pay any fees. This is known as duty relief for goods related to moving.

General information from Swedish Customs on moving to Sweden from a country outside the EU.

Contact us

Cash and equivalent assets

If you are carrying €10,000 or more in cash or liquid assets when crossing the EU border, you are required to notify Swedish Customs.

To prevent money laundering and organised crime, and combat terrorism, you are required to give notification when entering or leaving the EU while carrying liquid assets worth €10,000 or more.

In addition to bank notes and coins, liquid assets are defined as travel cheques, cheques, debt notes, investment gold and postal money orders without a named payee.

Submit your notification to the responsible authority in the first EU country that you enter. Swedish Customs is the responsible authority in Sweden. You may submit your notification online or on a paper form.

Travelling with cash and/or equivalent assets

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