Questions and answers about buying alcohol online

May I place an online order to have alcohol for own use sent to me from Germany?

Yes, but you must pay Swedish alcohol tax on the alcohol, regardless of how much you order.

May I place an online order to have alcohol sent to me from the USA?

No, placing an online order to receive alcohol from a country outside the EU is not permitted.

May I get a friend or acquaintance to buy alcohol for me while he/she is traveling in Denmark?

Yes, but you must pay Swedish alcohol tax on the alcohol that your friend or acquaintance buys for you.

I have ordered alcohol online and the carrier informs me that Swedish Customs has seized my order. Why? What happens next?

When Swedish Customs comes across an alcohol consignment on which Swedish alcohol tax has not been paid, it seizes the alcohol and undertakes a tax investigation.

We contact you, the consignee, by letter. It may be some weeks before you receive the letter. In the letter, you will find, amongst other things, the contact details of an official at Swedish Customs.

If you seized alcohol that I ordered and I have since paid both the alcohol tax and a penalty charge (transport supplement), what happens then?

You get your alcohol back. It is your responsibility to collect it from Swedish Customs. If you ordered transport, contact the carrier and agree who is to collect the alcohol. If the carrier is to collect it, you must provide the carrier with an authorisation.

If you seized the alcohol I ordered and I do not pay, what happens then?

If you have not paid the tax within one month, Swedish Customs applies to be allowed to destroy the alcohol. You have to pay tax and a transport supplement whether or not the alcohol is destroyed.

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