TC31 and TC33 Certificates

With a TC31 or TC33 certificate, you can show that you have provided a guarantee for transit, or have an exemption from providing a guarantee.

When an authorization for a comprehensive guarantee, the transit procedure, is granted, you can request a TC31 or TC33 certificate.

The certificate shows that the person responsible for the procedure has either:

  • A guarantee lodged for the procedure (TC31)
  • An exemption from providing a guarantee (TC33).

The certificate must be presented when the continuity procedure, fallback continuity procedure, for transit is applied.

Read more about continuity procedure for NCTS (in Swedish)

Further information

The validity of the different certificates is five years. Before the validity period expires, you can apply for an extension. Swedish Customs can extend the validity of the certificate for another five years.

Certificates are valuable documents

  • If the comprehensive guarantee authorization is amended or terminated, the original certificate must be sent to Swedish Customs for destruction.
  • If a certificate is lost, this must be reported immediately to the Swedish Customs, which in turn will report this to the European Commission.

How to order a certificate

The TC forms are ordered from Swedish Confederation of Transport Enterprises via the Swedish Confederation of Transport Enterprises.

Once Swedish Customs has completed, stamped and signed the form, it becomes a valid certificate.

You will receive information on how to handle the TC forms in connection with the authorization.

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