Sending a gift from Sweden to another country

When you are going to send a gift to another country, you have to find out which rules apply there. For more information, contact the receiving country’s customs authority or embassy.

Different rules for different countries

Different countries have different national rules. To find out what rules apply to receiving the gift you intend to send, you need to contact the receiving country’s customs authority or embassy for more information.

Are there any goods I must not send abroad?

Swedish Customs emphasises that you must ensure that you do not send a gift that is subject to export restrictions. You may, for example, need authorisation to send certain types of objects of cultural value or weapons.

Goods subject to special rules when exporting (in Swedish)

Which documents do I have to complete when sending my parcel?

Remember to check if your freight company carries the types of goods in your gift parcel. On the freight company’s website, you will also find the freight and other documents you may need to complete before sending your gift.

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