If the guarantee is not sufficient

If the reference amount of the company guarantee is not sufficient, your import declarations will be stopped. Therefore, make sure that the reference amount covers customs duties and any other taxes and charges.

If your company is authorized for a comprehensive guarantee, the charges in the import declaration will be charged against the reference amount for release for free circulation established for the guarantee.

This means that the goods in an import declaration will be stopped if the established reference amount for release for free circulation is insufficient. To avoid stoppages, it is important that you ensure that the guarantee reference amount is sufficient.

How to release goods that have been stopped?

If a customs declaration has been stopped due to an insufficient reference amount in your guarantee, there are different ways to release the goods:

  • Contact a customs agent who assumes payment responsibility for the declaration.
  • Provide an individual guarantee at a clearance office at the border.
  • Pay the customs debt in cash. You can do this either by depositing the amount into a Swedish Customs account or by paying over the counter at a customs clearance office.
  • Transit the goods, if a guarantee is available for that procedure.
  • Split the declaration and partially clear the goods items covered by the guarantee on one declaration and then clear the remaining goods items on another declaration after the reference amount has been corrected.
  • Pay a customs invoice that has not been paid.
  • Store the goods in a customs warehouse
  • Re-export the goods.
  • Increase the reference amount through a comprehensive guarantee amendment application. This option takes longer as there are processing times at the company, the bank and the customs authorities. It should therefore be seen as a long-term solution to avoid more cases being blocked in the future.

Read about how to request an amendment(in Swedish)

Guarantees e-service

If you are unsure how much guarantee your company has provided, you can check it yourself in the online service Guarantees. For example, you can see in real time how much of your company’s reference amount for release for free circulation is encumbered. Guarantees linked to the transit procedure, on the other hand, can be found in the e-service Transit.

Guarantees e-service

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