Organised crime

Below are the joint situation reports for Swedish Customs’ and other authorities on organised crime.

Swedish Customs situation reports on organised crime

The scenarios describe the organised crime that Swedish Customs combat. They should form the basis for determining the long-term direction of Swedish Customs’ law enforcement activities.

Customs organised crime situation 2020 (in swedish) Pdf, 2.2 MB.

Customs Organised Crime Situation 2017 (in swedish) Pdf, 6.1 MB.

Joint Agency Organised Crime Situation Report

Since 2009, 12 Swedish authorities have been working together on intelligence and operational activities against criminal individuals, networks and activities in an initiative against organised crime. The initiative was commissioned by the government.

The cooperating agencies are to jointly combat organised crime. The focus will be on combating serious organised crime that threatens society, and against organised crime in the local community with a particular focus on vulnerable areas.

The agencies involved in the initiative are the Public Employment Service, the European Crime Agency, the Social Insurance Agency, the Criminal Investigation Department, the Enforcement Authority, the Coastguard, the Swedish Migration Board, the Police, the Tax Agency, the Security Police, Swedish Customs and the Public Prosecution Service. A further nine authorities are included as network authorities: the Swedish Work Environment Authority, the Swedish Companies Registration Office, the Central Board of Student Support, the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, the Swedish Health and Social Care Inspectorate, the Swedish Pensions Agency, the National Board of Institutions, the Swedish Transport Agency and the County Administrative Board of Stockholm, which coordinates the other county administrative boards in the initiative.

Agency-wide situation report on organised crime 2018-2019 (in swedish) Pdf, 1.1 MB.

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