Östby (Norwegian) Customs Clearance Office

Office address: Östby
Postal address: N-2423 Östby, Norway
Telephone: +47 62 44 86 40

Office hours

Monday-Friday 8.00-21.00
Saturday Closed
Sunday 15.00-21.00

For holiday opening hours, see the Norwegian Customs website.

GPS coordinates

WGS 84 (lat, long):N 61° 15.056', E 12° 32.846'
WGS 84 decimal degrees (lat, long):61.25094, 12.54743
RT90:6797189, 1325178
SWEREF99:6793208, 368420

Card payments

Swedish Customs continuously works to reduce the handling of cash at our clearance offices. All customs clearance offices have card machines, and we prefer that you pay your charges by card.

We accept most debit and credit cards issued by banks. However, we do not accept American Express or Diners Card.


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