Future customs procedures

New export system

A new export system for handling export customs declarations will be developed in the context of adapting our export procedures to the new EU legislation.

The new export system brings the following changes:

  • Digital processing of export via maritime and air transport.
  • Replacement of the Customs IT System and the Export Control System.
  • Centralised customs clearance will eventually also be included.

Different types of export declarations

The standard customs declaration is already part of the new export procedures. But it is also possible for companies to use other solutions where applicable.

Standard customs declarations

If you have access to all the information necessary when loading the goods, the simplest procedure may be to submit an electronic standard customs declaration.

Entry in the declarant's records

It is possible to submit a customs declaration as an entry the declarant’s records. Entries in the declarant's records have limits, as they practically can only be used for exports to Norway. Additionally, all information must be available in the declarant’s records before the goods are loaded and the export procedure may begin.

Simplified export declaration

If you export directly to other countries than Norway and do not have access to all the information at the time of loading, you may use a simplified export declaration. To provide limited safety and security information in the simplified declaration, you must hold the “AEOS – Safety and security” authorisation.

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