Questions and answers about buying tobacco when travelling abroad

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about what rules apply when you buy tobacco abroad and bring it into Sweden.

Can I take oral snuff into Germany?

You may take oral snuff from Sweden into another EU country provided it is for your private use or a gift to someone for their private use. Remember that certain countries may have their own rules about the importation of oral snuff. Thus, if you are uncertain, contact the country’s embassy or get in touch with customs on your arrival.

I’m going to Estonia on holiday. How many cigarettes can I bring back into Sweden without having to pay any charges?

As Estonia is part of the EU, there is, provided that the cigarettes are for you or your family, no restriction on the amount.

I’m an air hostess flying professionally between Sweden and the USA. Can I bring tobacco back into Sweden?

Yes, in your personal luggage, you may, on each trip, bring in 100 cigarettes or 20 cigars or 20 cigarillos or 100 grams of smoking tobacco. If you want to bring in the entire charge-free quantity, you must either: have an at least 15-day break in your duties (for a holiday or some other type of leave); or, if you are resident in Sweden, have been abroad for at least 15 days; or, have terminated your employment with the airline.

I’m a head waiter on a passenger ferry running between Sweden and Germany. Can I bring back into Sweden tobacco that I bought in Germany?

You can bring in tobacco that is for your private use.

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