Future customs procedures

Customs declarations for imports

A new import system for standard customs declarations has been developed as part of the measure to adapt our import procedures to EU legislation. More types of declarations will be added continuously.

Functions for submitting customs declarations for special procedures will be launched in February 2023. This is when you will be able to submit standard customs declarations from special tax areas. From 1 July 2023, all declarations for special procedures and special tax areas should be submitted in the new system.

Once the import system for standard customs declaration has been fully developed, you can submit a standard customs declaration for release for free circulation, special procedures and from special tax areas. You can submit declarations for the following special procedures in the new import system: inward processing, temporary admission and end-use. If you do not have advance authorisation for a special procedure, you can apply directly in your customs declaration. Please note that you are not required to perform a final check for special procedures if you have already performed a final check in your standard customs declaration for free circulation.

More information about standard customs declarations for special procedures.

Declaration guide for standard customs declaration for import, including special procedures and special tax areas.

Customs declaration of low-value consignments

The customs declaration for low-value consignments will be launched in April 2023. This declaration type can be used for:

  • gifts with a value that does not exceed €45;
  • Consignments with a value that does not exceed €150.

Procedure for customs declaration of low-value consignments.

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