Questions and answers about buying foodstuffs when travelling abroad

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about what rules apply when you buy foodstuffs abroad and bring them back home to Sweden.

I’m holidaying in India. I had an excellent meal that contained chicken sausage. I’m now wondering if I can bring a kilo of this sausage into Sweden.

From a country outside the EU, you may not bring any meat or dairy products into Sweden without an authorisation from the Swedish Board of Agriculture. Generally, the Swedish Board of Agriculture does not grant such authorisation for private individuals. One of the few exceptions is powdered infant formula.

I’m going to the Netherlands. What quantities of foodstuffs can I bring back to Sweden?

In principle, as you are coming to Sweden from another EU country, you are free to bring in foodstuffs for private use.

My sister is going to Thailand. May she bring foodstuffs back to Sweden for me?

As Thailand is outside the EU, your sister may bring back foodstuffs that do not contain meat or dairy products (i.e. animal products). It is forbidden to bring some fruits and vegetables from countries outside the EU.

Read more about the rules for various foodstuffs (information from the Swedish Board of Agriculture).

I’m considering starting a business to import fresh fruit to Sweden from Lebanon. How do I go about this?

If you want to import foodstuffs commercially (i.e. for commercial trade), you must, first and foremost, be registered with the environmental department (or similar) of your local government authority. You also have to contact Sweden’s National Food Agency to get more information about importing fruit.

Read about the commercial import of foodstuffs (information in swedish).

May I bring in bird products from Asia when I’m returning to Sweden after my holiday?

Owing to bird flu in, amongst other areas, Asia, the EU Commission has decided on certain protective measures and restrictions in respect of countries affected by bird flu. These protective measures may vary depending on which land the products or birds are to come from.

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