Why have you been checked?

One of our tasks is to prevent the illegal import and export of goods. Our checks are necessary to combat the smuggling of drugs, weapons, child pornography and more.

Even if you do the right thing, you can be checked

Our control activities are necessary to combat the smuggling of narcotics and prevent the spread of infectious diseases and dangerous substances, among other things. We hope you understand that.

Checking parcels

Has Swedish Customs checked your parcel? What is involved in such checks? Here we answer questions about checks on parcels and other consignments in the postal and courier stream.

Questions and answers about checking parcels

Checks on and of the body

We carry out a body search or a cursory body inspection when there is reason to believe that there are items on your clothing or body that can be seized. Want to know more?

Body checks

Do you have questions about customs check or wish to submit a complaint?

Call Swedish Customs on +46 771-520 520 and choose in the ‘Speak to an operator’ in the voice response menu. You will then be asked to describe your case, and give your name and telephone number. A Customer Ombudsman will then contact you promptly (weekdays 8:00–16:30).

If you wish to submit a written complaint, you can email tullverket@tullverket.se or send a letter to:

Box 27311
102 54 Stockholm

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