Questions and answers about travelling with firearms and ammunition

If a friend is coming to Sweden with his or her own hunting weapon, or if you are going to shoot or hunt with your own weapon abroad, declarations must be made in various ways. Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions about travelling to and from Sweden with firearms and ammunition.

I’ve invited a friend from Germany to hunt elk in Sweden. What rules apply?

Your friend needs to have a European weapon passport for the weapon and ammunition he or she is bringing over. The weapon passport is issued by a competent authority in the home country. Your friend also has to apply, in good time, for a permit from the Swedish police. For more information, contact the Swedish Police Authority or visit its website. Additionally, your friend must also give Swedish Customs notification of the weapon and ammunition.

In good time before travelling, your friend can give Swedish Customs notification of the weapon and ammunition here on our website. If he or she gives notification of the weapon via the internet, your friend does not have to give notification when crossing the border. Instead, your friend can choose the blue or green lane when he or she goes through the surveillance area. If there is a check, your friend must be able to present the notification number he or she got on submitting the notification.

Notification of firearm and ammunition via the internet

If your friend did not give notification via the internet, he or she can give notification by presenting, when coming into Sweden, the weapon, ammunition, weapon passport and permit as well as a completed copy of the Declaration for firearms and ammunition form. The form comprises three identical pages. Complete all three and submit the first page.

The Declaration for firearms and ammunition form is here.

When travelling back out of Sweden, your friend must present the weapon and ammunition again. He or she also has to submit page two of the form. Your friend keeps the form’s third and final page.

A relative from the Netherlands wants to bring a silencer into Sweden for when she’s hunting here. What rules apply?

Citizens of non-Nordic countries that are invited to hunt or participate in shooting events are required to apply for an import permit from the Swedish police. No additional permit is required for the silencer that belongs to the firearm.

Find out more from the website of the Swedish Police Authority.

A friend is coming from Norway to hunt. He wants to hunt with a silencer. Is that OK?

Yes, that is permitted. Residents of Norway, Denmark and Finland with a valid permit to own a competition firearm does not have to request an import permit when visiting Sweden to hunt or compete for a period shorter than three months. Your friend does not need any additional permit for a silencer that belongs to the firearm.

Travelling with weapons.

I’m going to the USA to take part in a pistol competition. What must I bear in mind?

Contact the American embassy to find out what rules apply in the USA. When you are leaving Sweden, you must give Swedish Customs notification of your weapon. You must also complete an exportation declaration (Single Administrative Document). You give this to a customs officer at the border.

I have given notification of my firearm. How do I “denotify” the weapon?

You denotify your weapon via a link in the confirmation email you received when you gave notification of the weapon.

If you no longer have this email, you will receive email reminders to denotify. The reminders have the same denotification link. You get the first reminder the day after your travels were scheduled to end. You will continue to get them every day until you have denotified the weapon.

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