Questions and answers about parcel checks

Answers to questions about checks of parcels and other post and courier consignments.

There is a blue ticket in my parcel. Why did Swedish Customs check my parcel?

Under § 19, chap. 4 of Sweden’s Customs Act (2016:253) and under §§ 4 and 8 of act 1996:701, Swedish Customs is entitled to check items sent by post and/or courier.

You checked my parcel and the contents are now damaged. What happened?

If, in your parcel, there is a blue ticket stating we carried out a check, that check is documented. You can email a complaint requesting compensation to tullverket@tullverket.se. Please mark your email klagomål (complaint).

If tape on your parcel has the text (in yellow) kontrollerad av svensk tull (Checked by Swedish Customs), or if there is a blue ticket in the parcel, Swedish Customs checked the parcel. However, if the text or blue ticket is missing, it is not Swedish Customs that opened your parcel. In this case, please contact your freight company.

You checked my parcel and there are now items missing. What happened?

If, in the parcel, there is a white form saying that some of the contents have been seized or confiscated, you will receive a letter giving more information.

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