Future customs procedures

MASP, Multi Annual Strategic Plan

The European Commission is developing a Multi Annual Strategic Plan (MASP) in consultation with the Member States The MASP is the implementation plan for the IT systems related to the Union Customs Code.

The MASP currently contains descriptions of approximately 30 projects. Examples of these projects include centralised customs clearance, export procedures, and arrival and presentation procedures when goods arrive at the external border of the EU. Each project in the MASP has a time line, which is set between 2016 and 2025.

The MASP is the basis for the Work Programme, which is established as an article in the Union Customs Code. This means that Member States are legally obliged to introduce the changes in the Union Customs Code.

A yearly update is conducted with a decision at the start of December each year.

MASP, Multi Annual Strategic Plan - EU

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