Future customs procedures

Presentation notification for goods and temporary storage declarations

When the new import procedure has been fully introduced, presentation notification for goods entering the customs territory of the Union should always be given to the customs authority. After submitting the presentation notification, the goods are placed under the temporary storage procedure.

Notification must always be given when goods arrive in the customs territory of the Union. Temporary storage declarations should at the latest be submitted as the goods arrive, and may be submitted in various forms. Indicate the place where notification is given, and the place where the goods are temporarily stored.

Presentation notification of goods

From 27 September 2023, presentation notifications for goods with a reference to the entry summary declaration may be submitted for goods:

  • Arriving directly to Sweden by air from a country outside of the EU that are unloaded in Sweden;
  • Arriving to Sweden by air from a country outside of the EU, after first arriving in an EU Member State without being reloaded or unloaded.

This will bring a change in procedures and new information requirements for the aviation industry.
By 1 January 2024, all presentation notifications for goods arriving by air should be submitted digitally.

From 3 June 2024 presentation notifications of goods transported by sea should be submitted. The requirement to present goods to customs only applies to goods that are unloaded in Sweden. The presentation notification should refer to the entry summary declaration. To submit presentation notifications for goods, additional information will be required in the MSW from 3 June 2024.

Any information that is not provided in structured form when calling at a port, will be collected in an Excel file which is uploaded to MSW Reportal. This information should be provided when unloading goods from third countries (with the exception of goods arriving from Norway).

Provide the following additional information:

  • ENS reference
  • Transport document reference at Master and/or House consignment level
  • Container
  • Receptacle.

For goods that arrive by road from Norway, it will be possible to digitally present goods at customs offices from 1 March 2024. It will also be possible to submit a digital I2 message. However, during a transition period the practical procedure will consist of the driver submitting a manual presentation in the form of the single administrative document (SAD) on paper, which fulfils the data requirements for presentation notification of goods.

At unattended border crossings, it will also be possible to submit both a digital presentation notification as of 1 March 2024 or a digital I2 message. During a transition period, Customs will accept the e-mail notification made one hour before the border crossing as a condition for route and time exemptions (operating authorisation). It will be a requirement to submit a digital presentation notification for goods and to activate the customs declaration with a digital I2 message. We will get back to you with information on when this requirement will be introduced. Notification via e-mail will still be required as a condition for an operation authorisation.

Temporary handling will be replaced by digitalised border crossing when this is introduced on the basis of the joint EU project (EU Smart Border) that the European Commission intends to include in the Multi-Annual Strategic Plan (MASP).

Locations for arrival of goods and temporary storage

Information about locations where goods can be presented and placed under temporary storage can be found on the Temporary storage page (in Swedish)

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