Single victualling authorisation

An authorisation is required to provision using non-Union goods and untaxed union goods.

Victualling refers to when goods are loaded onto vessels or aircraft to be consumed by the crew or passengers. Victualling authorisations should be granted to the actor responsible for the operations of the vessel or aircraft, if the actor fulfils the economic criteria, and any other applicable criteria.

Victualling of vessels or aircraft

Who is eligible to be authorised?

The following criteria must be met for Swedish Customs to grant an authorisation to the applicant:


The authorisation may only be granted to the following:

  • Aircraft with a maximum take-off mass exceeding 5,700kg and destined to deliver or collect passengers or cargo in a foreign airport;
  • Vessels used by a commercial operator (not fishing vessels) of more than 75 gross tonnage which are destined to deliver or collect passengers or cargo in a foreign port, or intended for cruise operations in more distant waters;
  • State vessels and state aircraft.

In specific circumstances, Swedish Customs may grant dispensation from the take-off weigth and tonnage requirements respectively.

In order to be granted a single victualling authorisation, the vessel must have a foreign destination and information about provisions already on board must have been submitted to Swedish Customs.

How to apply

Swedish Customs will not approve applications for victualling authorisation prior to the arrival of the vessel. It is important to state the number of days until the next time of victualling in Sweden.


Apply for single authorisation for victualling in the case of maritime shipping from the joint authority portal Maritime Single Window.

For victualling for single occasions for vessels, see Ship's report.

Air traffic

Apply for single authorisation for victualling in the air shipping using a form, which should be sent by e-mail to Swedish Customs, using the address tke.arlanda@tullverket.se.

You may also apply in person at the clearance office at Arlanda.

Apply with a form

Proviantering för visst tillfälle, Tillstånd till, 603.10 Pdf, 497.3 kB.

Swedish Customs’ procedures for processing personal data (in Swedish)

Application of the authorisation

Victualling may not occur to a greater degree than that which is justified on the basis of:

  • The nature and duration of the voyage or flight;
  • The number of people who are expected to accompany the vessel or aircraft;
  • Any applicable limitations to the consumption on the transport vessel;
  • Any provisions that are already stowed on board.

Read more about the application of these rules on the Victualling of vessels or aircraft page.

Applicable provisions

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