Single Administrative Document for travelling, with a weapon, into the EU

This is how you complete the Single Administrative Document when giving notification that you are travelling, with a weapon, into Sweden from a country outside the EU.

You can download the Single Administrative Document from the European Commission's website. You find the link to the document in the first line of the page Single administrative document (SAD) – European Commission.

You only have to complete the following boxes:

Box 1 Declaration
In the first box, enter “IM” for import.

Box 2 Consignor/Exporter
Enter the country you are travelling from and name and contact details of a contact person (preferably yourself).

Box 3 Forms
Enter “1”.

Box 5 Items
Enter “1”.

Box 6 Total packages
Enter the number of weapons and cartridges you have with you.

Box 8 Consignee
Enter your name.

Box 17 Country destin. code
Enter “SE” for Sweden.

Box 18 Identity and nationality of means of transport at departure/arrival
Enter “3” if you are travelling by bus or car and “4” if you are travelling by aeroplane.

Box 19 Ctr.
Enter “0”.

Box 21 Identity and nationality of active means of transport crossing the border
Depending on how you are travelling, enter the vehicle’s registration number of the aeroplane’s flight number.

Box 29 Office of exit/entry
Enter the name of the place where you are crossing the border with the weapon. This must be a place where Swedish Customs has an entry customs office.

Swedish Customs’ customs offices are here.

Box 31 Packages and description of goods (Marks and numbers — Container no(s). — Number and kind)
Complete this box if you have a permit from the Swedish Police Authority, a weapon licence number or a firearms passport. Enter also the weapon’s number.

Box 33 Commodity code
Enter “93033000”. In Sweden’s customs tariff, this is the commodity code for weapons.

Box 41 Supplementary units
Enter “Weapon”.

Box 44 Additional information
Complete this box if you have any additional information that you consider Swedish Customs needs (e.g. details of the weapon and/or cartridges).

Box 46 Statistical value
Enter the value of the weapon and ammunition in SEK.

Box 50 Principal
Enter the name and the contact details of a contact person, the weapon’s owner. Enter also the importation permit’s number.

Box 54 Place and date: Signature and name of declarant/representative:
Enter the place and date and sign the form.

You then take the completed Single Administrative Document with you to a customs office when travelling into Sweden.

Swedish Customs’ customs offices are here.

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