Swedish Customs will control weapons and weapon parts that are imported to or exported from Sweden. The procedure depends on whether you are trading with EU Member States or third countries.

Weapons from an EU Member State

When moving weapons to or from an EU Member State, please present the original form to Swedish Customs when crossing the border.

Weapons from third countries

When moving weapons to or from a third country, the original form should be presented together with a customs declaration, including when using the simplified declaration procedure.

If you are authorised for simplified declarations, please enter call me code 12 on the simplified declaration.

Always submit the declaration form and the customs declaration when crossing the border, regardless of whether you are leaving or entering. We will verify that the information corresponds with the imported or exported weapons. This form will subsequently be sent to the police.

Import authorisation

An import authorisation is required when bringing arms to Sweden, regardless of whether they are imported from an EU Member State or a third country. Request an import authorisation from the Police Authority.

The Swedish Police Authority


Duty officer, Stockholm
Phone no.: 08-456 66 20

Duty officer, Malmö
Phone no.: 040-661 32 20

Duty officer, Gothenburg
Phone no.: 031-63 38 00

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