Endangered animals and plants

There are certain restrictions, such as prohibitions against the introduction of endangered animals and plants across Sweden’s borders, or requirements for authorisation or permits therefor. Violating these provisions may lead to a fine or imprisonment.

Many wildlife and plant species are threatened by extinction. To protect the threatened species and safeguard biological diversity, the international community has decided to limit this trade. This agreement is known as Cites, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.

Sweden and the EU has introduced additional provisions, which are stricter than the Cites Convention. Violations against Sweden’s or the EU’s regulations may lead to a fine or a prison sentence.

The Cites Convention

Information from the European Commission regarding trade with wild fauna and flora

Obtaining a permit

Persons wanting to move endangered wild fauna and flora into or out of Sweden may apply for advance authorisation from the Swedish Board of Agriculture. Please present the authorisation when crossing the border.

Persons crossing without an authorisation will have their goods confiscated or warehoused, and must apply for retrospective authorisation.

Endangered species – Swedish Board of Agriculture

Endangered species – Swedish Board of Agriculture

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