Questions and answers about buying weapons and dangerous objects

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about what rules apply when you buy weapons and dangerous objects abroad and bring them into Sweden.

I’m going to a weapons fair in France to buy a rifle. What rules reply when coming back into Sweden?

You have to apply for a permit or a possession permit (weapon licence) from the Swedish Police Authority. If, before you leave, you already know which weapon you are going to buy, you can apply for a weapon licence from the police authority in the place where you live. In other cases, a permit is enough. You must also have a transfer licence for the weapon. This is issued by the competent authority in France.

When you cross the Swedish border, you must present your new weapon, the weapon licence or permit and the transfer licence. You must also submit a completed copy of the form:

730.3 Details of importation or exportation of a firearm for a purpose other than temporary hunting or competitionPDF

730.4 Details of importation or exportation of a firearm for a purpose other than temporary hunting or competition (supplementary sheet)PDF

I’m going to Belgium to buy an air rifle. Do I have to declare this on coming back into Sweden?

This depends on whether or not the weapon requires a permit. Under the “Air and carbonic acid weapons” heading above, you can read more about which air guns require permits. If the weapon requires a permit, you must declare it to Swedish Customs. If the weapon does not require a permit, you do not have to declare it to us. You must be over 18 to bring an air rifle into Sweden.

I’m going to the USA and know that you can buy empty cartridges and shells cheaply there. Can I bring these back into Sweden or must I have some sort of permit?

Under Sweden’s Offensive Weapons Act, empty cartridges and shells are not classed as ammunition. Thus, you can bring them into Sweden without a permit. However, remember that you cannot bring percussion caps back without a permit or a weapon licence. Under our Offensive Weapons Act, percussion caps are classed as ammunition.

If you are travelling to Sweden on a commercial flight or maritime vessel, you may bring in goods to a value of SEK 4,700 without paying any charges on them. If you are travelling in some other way, the charge-free sum is SEK 3,300. These sums include all goods except alcohol and tobacco that you buy while travelling.

I’m thinking about buying a replica weapon from Germany. Can I bring it back into Sweden?

Yes, you can bring it back. Replica weapons or dummy weapons of a design that permanently precludes the firing of a projectile do not require a permit from the Swedish Police Authority.

My daughter is in Thailand and wants to bring nunchakus back into Sweden. Is this all right?

A permit from the Swedish Police Authority is required to bring nunchakus into Sweden. Nunchakus are classed as dangerous objects and are regulated in Sweden’s Ordinance on permits for importation of certain dangerous objects (1990:415).

I’m going to Australia to dive for fish. I thought I’d use the opportunity to buy a harpoon gun. Can I bring it back into Sweden with me?

A permit from the Swedish Police Authority is required for quite a few harpoon weapons.

A harpoon weapon requires a permit if:

  • The harpoon is launched by a rubber cord and the distance between handle and the furthest forward point of the bow is more than 50 cm.
  • The weapon has more than one rubber cord.
  • The harpoon weapon’s harpoon is propelled by an explosive substance, carbonic acid, compressed air or a coiled spring.

I will be travelling around Asia and am thinking about buying a sabre or a sword as a souvenir. Can I bring it back into Sweden with me?

Yes. A permit from the Swedish Police Authority is not required to bring in a sword, sabre or, for example, a machete. Under our legislation, these are not dangerous objects.

Last updated: 2020-12-10

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