Duty-free goods

Some goods are eligible for duty relief due to their specific circumstances

Goods that may be imported duty free are often also exempt from VAT and other charges, which might otherwise apply.

  1. Aircraft equipment
  2. Ancillary materials for the stowage and protection of goods during their transport
  3. Articles intended for handicapped persons
  4. Capital goods imported on the transfer of activities from a third country
  5. Consignments sent to organisations protecting copyrights or industrial and commercial patent rights
  6. Educational, scientific and cultural materials
  7. Goods for charitable organisations
  8. Goods for embassies, consulates and international organisations
  9. Goods imported for examination, analysis or test purposes
  10. Goods intended for trade fairs
  11. Goods needed for protection against and to combat COVID-19
  12. Goods to be used by monarchs or Heads of State
  13. Honorary decorations
  14. Instruments and apparatus intended for medical research, establishing medical diagnoses or carrying out medical treatment
  15. Laboratory animals and biological or chemical substances intended for research
  16. Litter and feed for animals during their transport
  17. Low-value consignments
  18. Materials for the construction, upkeep or ornamentation of memorials to, or cemeteries for, war victims
  19. Military equipment
  20. Miscellaneous documents and articles
  21. Pharmaceutical products
  22. Pharmaceutical products used at international sports events
  23. Presents received in the context of international relations
  24. Printed matter and advertising material
  25. Products obtained by Community farmers on properties located in a third country adjacent to the EU
  26. Reference substance samples for the quality control of medicinal products
  27. Returned goods
  28. Samples of goods
  29. Scientific instruments and apparatus
  30. Seeds, fertilizers etc. imported by agricultural producers having their principal undertaking in a third country for use in properties in the EU
  31. Tariff quotas
  32. Therapeutic substances of human origin and blood-grouping and tissue-typing reagents
  33. Tourist information literature

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