Application procedure

In order to send and receive EDI-messages to Swedish Customs your company must fulfill the following steps:

1. Chose an EDI-system

Your company may either choose to buy a system which has undergone already approved tests by Swedish Customs, or develop an in-house system. In the application all technical details for the EDI-system must be stated.

2. Apply for the EDI-messages your company requires.

To submit import, export, customs warehouse or transit declarations you should apply for authorization TVEUP or TVEUT.

404.6. Application for authorisation to submit electronic documents to Swedish Customs (pdf).PDF

To submit Entry summary declarations (ENS) you must apply for the authorization TVEUS.

Application for authorisation to submit ENS, TV 404.23PDF

The application should be signed by an authorised signatory of the company and the original version should be sent by post to us. A company based outside Sweden should also submit a copy of the Official Registration of the Company with your business identification number and a legal certification that the person is authorised to make signatures for the Company.

3. Register contact persons authorised to administer signature certificates.

When applying for an authorization you must also register one or more contact persons to administer your PKI signature certificates.

Registration or withdrawal of contact person authorised to administer signature certificates, TV 404.36PDF

Registration or withdrawal of contact person authorised to administer signature certificates, TV 404.36Word

Most companies need to install two types of signature certificates for their EDI system. The Swedish Customs Signature Certificate can be downloaded from www.tullverket.se. The Company Signature Certificate must be requested from Swedish Customs following a specified procedure.

4. Perform and get approval on finals tests of your EDI-system.

To ensure that the communication and signature certificates and system are initiated correctly.

5. Swedish Customs issues a Production permit.

The permit is a confirmation allowing your company to send the approved EDI- messages in production.

Last modified: 2019-12-05