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Our opening hours


Opening hours

(1) Questions to our Information Service about customs matters*  

Monday 9.00–15.00

Tuesday–Thursday 9.00–17.00
Friday 9.00–15.00
Closed for lunch 12.00–13.00

Week 29–33:
Mon–Fri 9.00–15.00

(2) Technical Support


Monday–Friday 6.00–22.00
Closed for lunch 11.30–12.30

(4) Operator*


Opening hours:
Monday–Friday 8.00–16.30

* On public holidays the Information service is closed. We also close at 12.00 on Twelfth Night, Walpurgis Eve when it falls on a Friday, the day before All Saints Day and on 23 December when it falls on a Friday. We close at 14.00 on the Thursday before Easter (Maundy Thursday) and on Walpurgis Eve when it falls on a weekday other than Friday.

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