Buying dietary supplements online

A dietary supplement is a food product intended to supplement a normal diet. Dietary supplements are covered by Sweden’s foodstuffs legislation. Various rules apply to buying dietary supplements online.

Dietary supplement or medicine?

It can be difficult to know whether your goods are a dietary supplement (i.e. a foodstuffs product) or a medicine. If it is claimed that goods prevent or treat illness, said goods are classified as a medicine. If goods are a medicine, rules different to those for dietary supplements apply. To be sure that you are not ordering a medicine, you should check the description of the goods both on the goods and on the packaging.

If you are unsure whether your product is a dietary supplement or a medicine, you can contact the Swedish Medical Products Agency before you place an order.

Medicines (information from the Swedish Medical Products Agency).

If you happen to order a dietary supplement that is classified as a medicine and we seize your goods, you will receive a decision from us. This decision will state what you are to do.

Buying from an EU country

When you buy a dietary supplement online from another EU country, you do not have to pay customs duty, VAT and any other taxes on the dietary supplement.

Buying from a country outside the EU

When you buy a dietary supplement online from a country outside the EU, you have to pay customs duty, VAT and any other taxes. Customs duty depends on the composition of the goods and the country from which they are coming. For dietary supplements (i.e. foodstuffs), VAT is 12 per cent.

Taric – The Customs Tariff

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