How is an EORI number structured?

An EORI number consists of an ISO Country code from an EU Member State  (2 characters) + a maximum of 15 characters. An EORI number issued in Sweden consists of the country code SE + 10 digits. For operators established in Sweden, the 10 digits generally correspond to the Business Registration Number or, for individuals, the personal identity number - for example SE5512345678.

For operators from a country outside the EU applying for an EORI number in Sweden, the EORI number is formed by:

  • SE + 10 digits starting with 502 or 302 (operators registered for VAT in Sweden) or
  • SE + 10 randomly generated digits starting with 444 (other operators).

The supplementary number (2 digits) that Swedish Customs adds to the Business Registration Number or personal identity number is not part of the EORI number. If you wish to refer to an authorisation linked to a supplementary number other than 00, you enter these digits in connection to the EORI number in the import/export declaration.

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