Paying customs duty and other charges

When importing goods into Sweden, you are required to pay customs duty and other charges. This page contains information about how to pay customs duty and other fees, as well as consequences if you fail to pay.

Periodical customs bill

When importing goods without paying the fees while declaring, you will receive a customs bill. You can manage your customs bills electronically in many different ways, depending on your company’s needs.

Customs bills.


If you fail to declare customs duty and tax charges to Swedish Customs, you will be required to pay a penalty fee.


Penalties on delayed payments

Failing to submit your supplementary declaration on time, you will be liable to pay a penalty to Swedish Customs.

Penalties on delayed payments.

Conditional fines

Failing to submit required documents or information to Swedish Customs may lead to fine that is conditional on the submission of said documents or information. A conditional fine is an enforcement tool consisting of a fixed amount.

Conditional fines.

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