Paying customs duty and VAT

Here you will find out how to pay customs duty and VAT on goods that you buy online.

If you have not been given the opportunity to pay duty or VAT, you must inform Swedish Customs. E-mail or write a letter to us. The following information is to be included:

  • the company that has transported your product
  • supporting documentation such as receipts and invoices
  • your contact details

When you have sent this information to us, we will calculate what you are to pay and send you a bill.

E-mail us:


Send your letter to:

Box 12 854
SE-112 98 Stockholm

Report this within three years

You can notify Swedish Customs of non-payment of customs duty or VAT in the three years following arrival of the goods in Sweden.

Not reporting is a crime

Not reporting or declaring goods that you import to Sweden is illegal and may be a crime according to the Act on Penalties for Smuggling.

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Last updated: 2020-11-03

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