Weapons and dangerous objects

You must always give Swedish Customs notification if you are crossing Sweden’s border with a weapon that requires a permit. Failure to do this is punishable.

Several public authorities are responsible for ensuring compliance with the rules for carrying weapons and dangerous objects into or from Sweden: Swedish Customs, the Swedish Police Authority, Sweden’s Inspectorate of Strategic Products and the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority.

The different authorities have different roles:

  • Swedish Customs checks that the rules are complied with at the border.
  • The Swedish Police Authority and Sweden’s Inspectorate of Strategic Products issue permits for the importation and exportation of weapons.
  • The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority is responsible for issuing permits for the importation of laser pointers.

Travelling with firearms and ammunition for hunting and competition

Buying weapons and dangerous objects while travelling abroad

Buying weapons and dangerous objects online

A gift with alcohol, tobacco, weapons or medicines

Applicable rules

Swedish Customs’ powers are regulated in several pieces of legislation:

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What is updated: New link to learn about receiving a gift with weapons

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