Tobacco online

Here, you can read about which rules apply when you order tobacco.

To order tobacco online, you must be 18 years old. Ordering tobacco means any one of the following:

  • ordering tobacco online
  • not transporting (carrying) the tobacco yourself
  • that a friend or acquaintance who is travelling abroad bringing back tobacco for you at your request.

From another EU country

From another EU country, you may order tobacco for your/your family’s private use.

Here, “family” is those nearest to you and sharing the same household (e.g. partner, spouse or cohabitant). In this connection, Swedish Customs refers to a decision of the Skåne and Blekinge appeal court (case number B2328-04, 20 April 2006). In the absence of a ruling from Sweden’s supreme court, said decision is regarded as precedential.

Paying tobacco tax

You must pay Swedish tobacco tax when you order tobacco from another EU country: online; or, via a friend or acquaintance.

If, before the tobacco is brought into Sweden, you have not paid the tobacco tax to the Swedish Tax Agency, Swedish Customs can seize the tobacco and initiate a tax investigation. When Swedish Customs seizes tobacco, it always contacts all consignees by letter.

From a country outside the EU

Paying customs duty, VAT and tobacco tax

You must pay customs duty, VAT and Swedish tobacco tax on all tobacco that you order from a country outside the EU.

  • Cigarettes – customs duty 57.6 % and tax SEK 0.154 per cigarette
  • Cigars – customs duty 26 % and tax SEK 0.136 per cigar
  • Smoking tobacco – customs duty 74.9 % and tax SEK 1,884 per kg
  • Oral snuff (snus) – customs duty 41.6 % and tax SEK 442 per kg

VAT on these products is 25 %.

The company that transports the tobacco calculates the charges and sends you an invoice.

Has your parcel failed to arrive?

From another EU country

From a country outside the EU

How much tobacco may I order?

For your/your family’s private use.

For your/your family’s private use.

Do I have to pay any charges on the tobacco?

Yes, you must pay Swedish tobacco tax.

Yes, you must pay customs duty, VAT and Swedish tobacco tax.

Is the country a Member State?

If you are uncertain whether the country that you are trading with is a Member State, you can visit the website of the European Union and consult a list of Member States or search for a specific country.

Country profiles (European Union)

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