There are rules for if and how you may bring medicines and syringes into Sweden. These rules vary depending on the nature of the medicines, the country they are coming from and how they are to cross the border.

Clearly enough, the product itself is critical in determining whether or not it is a medicine. If it contains one or more substances that can be used to prevent, treat or diagnose illness, then it is a medicine. Thus, certain products that are stated to be dietary supplements or slimming aids may, because of their properties, really be medicines in Sweden.

For it to be a medicine, it is sufficient that it is claimed that a product treats or prevents illness. This means that, for example, dietary supplements and other foodstuffs that do not contain any medicinal substances may still be medicines (and thus covered by restrictions under Sweden’s legislation on medicines) because of how the products are marketed.

Ordering medicines online

Travelling with medicines

A gift with alcohol, tobacco, weapons or medicines

If you are unsure whether or not the product you are interested in is a medicine, you can contact the Swedish Medical Products Agency.

Buy, use and handle medicines (information from the Swedish Medical Products Agency)

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