Travelling with cash and/or equivalent assets

You have to give notification to Swedish Customs if you are carrying the equivalent of EUR 10,000 or more in cash or equivalent assets when travelling across an EU border.

The notification duty is one element in Sweden’s initiatives not only to prevent money laundering and organised crime, but also to combat terrorism.

Besides notes and coins, “cash and equivalent assets” here also means, for example, traveller’s cheques, cheques, promissory notes, debt instruments, debentures, shares, money orders and securities.

This is how to give notification

You give notification to the responsible authority in either the first EU country you are travelling into or the final EU country you are travelling out of. In Sweden, the responsible authority is Swedish Customs. You can give notification via the internet or on a form.

Give notification via the internet

If you gave notification via the internet, you can choose the green lane (“Nothing to declare”) in the surveillance area when you arrive in Sweden. If you gave notification via the internet, you do not have to contact Swedish Customs when you travel out of Sweden. If a customs officer so requests, you must be able to present your notification number and any permits and other documentation required to fulfil importation or exportation requirements.

Notify you are travelling to or from the EU with cash and/or equivalent assets

Give notification on a form

Get a form in a surveillance area, at a customs office or here on the website. When you arrive in Sweden, you must choose the red lane (“Goods to declare”) in the surveillance area and submit the completed form to Swedish Customs.

When you are travelling out of Sweden, you must submit the form to Swedish Customs at, for example, a customs clearance office at the border or at a so-called red point in the airport.

Cash declaration (English).PDF

Cash declaration – additional sheet (English)PDF

Note that a number of EU countries also have a notification duty within the EU. Thus, always check which rules apply for the country you are travelling to.

Swedish Customs checks

Swedish Customs is entitled to search for cash and equivalent assets in means of transport, luggage, briefcases and handbags. If there is reason to believe that a person has not given notification that he or she is travelling with cash and equivalent assets, we can also carry out bodily searches. Additionally, we are entitled to carry out checks and, while checks are being carried out, retain cash and equivalent assets that have a value of EUR 10,000 or more and were not notified in advance.

Read more about cash and equivalent asset checks (information from the European commission).

For information about other countries’ cash importation and exportation rules, contact your travel agents or the relevant country’s embassy or consulate.

Contact details for Sweden’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, embassies and consulates.

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