When bringing foodstuffs into Sweden for private use, different rules apply depending on whether the foodstuffs are being brought from an EU country or from a country outside the EU.

The customs provisions depend on the mode of transportation

The rules also vary depending on whether you are transporting the foodstuffs yourself or if you are sending them by letter, parcel post or a transport company. You can here read more about the various rules and find out which apply to you.

Buying foodstuffs while travelling abroad.

Special provisions for certain foodstuffs

Swedish Customs will carry out inspections on behalf of the Swedish Board of Agriculture, and may seize foodstuffs and beverages that have not been approved for entry into Sweden.

When ordering or bringing foodstuffs to Sweden, different rules apply depending on from which country they originate and the nature of the foodstuffs. An immunity certificate may be required to introduce certain foodstuffs to Sweden.

Find out more about applicable rules from the website of the Swedish Board of Agriculture.

Trade in plants (information from the Swedish Board of Agriculture)

Animal products (information from the Swedish Board of Agriculture in Swedish)

Phytosanitary certificates and other measures against plant pests (information from Swedish Board of Agriculture in Swedish)

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