Has your parcel failed to arrive?

If your parcel has not arrived, get in touch with the company that carried your goods. This may be Postnord or a forwarding agent.

The parcel is with Postnord

When a parcel is marked “under importbehandling” or “held by Customs”, it is at Postnord’s charge registration department. Swedish Customs cannot help you here. In periods with large volumes of parcel traffic, it can take several weeks for a parcel to reach you, the customer.

To be able to track a parcel that has failed to arrive, Postnord needs the submission number the consignor was given when he or she sent the parcel.

Read more about posted parcels and letters (information from Postnord).

The parcel is with your forwarding agent

When a forwarding agent is taking care of transport, it is also the forwarding agent that clears your goods through customs. If your parcel has failed to arrive, contact the forwarding agent.

The parcel is with Swedish Customs

Swedish Customs can confiscate or seize parcels containing goods that it is not permitted to bring into Sweden or for which the importation requirements have not been satisfied.

If Swedish Customs has confiscated or seized your parcel, we always inform you that we have the parcel and are holding it for further investigation. Handling times vary. Swedish Customs never returns parcels to the consignor.

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