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You have reached Swedish Customs website. Here you will find information and services that we offer to you as a visitor. Swedish Customs deals with matters regarding goods in and out of Sweden and the European Union.

Freedom from liability

It is possible that erroneous or incomplete items may be found on the website of the Swedish Customs for technical or miscellaneous reasons. Using information found on our website is done at the user's own risk.

Regarding provisions in customs or other legislation, the texts published in the Official Journal of the European Community, the Swedish Code of Statutes (SFS), other codes of statutes and relevant original texts are those that are valid. Always check items concerning provisions on the website against the printed legal texts.

It is permitted to reproduce the texts, provided the source is given as well as a statement to the effect that the text is not binding and has been acquired free of charge.

Most pictures contained within Swedish Customs website may be used in publications by media but not all. Please ask us for advice. The pictures may not be distorted. Swedish Customs logotype and other pictures may not be used without Swedish Customs permission.

Updates in English

The content of the website is first updated in Swedish and then in English. This means that the information in English is not always up to date. If the content differs between the Swedish and the English page, it is always the Swedish page that applies.

Feedback concerning this site

Please tell us what you think of the Swedish Customs website as a useful means of finding the information you seek. Please let us know your comments. It will be very important for the website and its further development.

Linking policy

Feel free to link to the www.tullverket.se, but please bear in mind the following:

  • Specify the link to www.tullverket.se in a neutral manner.
  • Do not use the Swedish Customs logotype when linking to our website. This is to avoid confusion about who is responsible for information at the site on which the link appears.
  • Place the link to the Swedish Customs website in such a way that it is not contained within the frameset of another site, again to avoid confusion.

Technical requirements

We have adapted the presentation of the contents of this website so that it conforms to the W3C standards applicable to CSS layout and positioning.

This may imply that you have a web reader that does not support the standards designed for this CSS for layout and positioning, or that there is something wrong with your present web reader causing problems when displaying the page. As there are so many web readers offered on the market it is difficult to safeguard oneself against all errors. Unfortunately this means you may have to install a new web reader if you want the website to look neater on your screen.

All information is however available regardless of which web reader used.

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