Future customs procedures

Presentation notification for means of transport

When the new import procedure has been fully implemented, presentation notifications of means of transport entering the customs territory of the Union should be given to the customs authority in cases of air and maritime transport.

Air transport

Currently, the commander of the aircraft submits a presentation notification of the means of transport containing information about the aircraft and cargo to the local customs office upon arrival.

From 30 June 2023, presentation notification for means of transport will be given digitally at the same time as the entry summary declaration is filed in the new import control system, ICS2.

Maritime transport

Presentation notification of the vessel should be given to Swedish Customs. Currently, this information is submitted in the Maritime Single Window (MSW), which is managed by the Swedish Maritime Administration. The information is the forwarded from the portal to the appropriate authority.

The MSW will be replaced by a European Maritime Single Window (EMSW).

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