Entry summary declaration

Before you bring goods into the EU, you have to send pre-arrival information to Customs in the form of an entry summary declaration. This declaration is not the same as an import declaration, as the entry summary declaration is sent before the goods arrive in the EU.

Who is responsible for submitting the information?

It its the carrier who is responsible for submitting an entry summary declaration. The duty to send summary declarations to Customs can be assigned to another party, but this requires a written agreement between the parties.

Where do I send the information?

The entry summary declaration is to be submitted to the customs office of entry in the first EU-country in which the consignment arrives.

What information do I need to provide?

The items marked in bold below are new data elements required in the entry summary declaration but not in the subsequent import declaration.

  • Number of items
  • Place of loading
  • Commercial reference number
  • Place of unloading code
  • Transport document number
  • Type of packages (code), number of packages, shipping marks
  • Consignor
  • Container number
  • Person lodging the summary declaration
    Goods item number
  • Consignee
  • Goods description
  • Carrier
  • HS code (4-digit level)
  • Identity of active means of transport crossing the border
  • Nationality of active means of transport crossing the border
  • Date and time of arrival at first place of arrival in the EU
  • First place of arrival code
  • Gross mass
  • UN Dangerous Goods code
  • Declaration date and signature
  • Seals information and seals identity
  • Notify party
  • Transport charges method of payment code
  • Other specific circumstance indicator
  • Country(ies) of routing codes
  • Conveyance reference number
  • Mode of transport code

Most operators in the declaration should be identified by their EORI number.

When do I send the information?

Maritime traffic

  • Containers — 24 hours before loading at the port of departure. Please note the special rules in item 3.
  • Bulk/break bulk cargo — 4 hours before arrival. Please note the special rules in item 3.

    Please note: If the goods are transported between the EU and Greenland, the Faeroe Islands,Ceuta ,Melilla ,Norway ,Iceland , ports on the Baltic Sea, the North Sea, the Black Sea or the Mediterranean, or all ports of Morocco — 2 hours before arrival at the first port in the customs territory of the EU. (This does not apply to the French overseas departments, the Azores, Madeira and theCanary Islands .)

Air traffic

For consignments transported by air, the information should be provided prior to departure from the third country.

Entry summary declaration for goods consignments transported by air

Road traffic

  • 1 hour before arrival.

Rail traffic

  • 2 hours before arrival.

Further information

EORI, Economic Operator Registration and Identification

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