What information must an invoice include and when may I use a pro forma invoice?

We have specific demands on what information an invoice must include. If the invoice is written in a foreign language we can ask for it to be translated.

An invoice should include the following iformation

  1. name and address of the seller
  2. name and address of the buyer
  3. date of issue
  4. invoice number
  5. number and type of packages, gross weight and
    how the packages are marked
  6. trade description
  7. quantity of the goods
  8. price per article
  9. discounts and what kind of discounts, if
  10. terms of delivery
  11. terms of payment.


A pro forma invoice may be used for deliveries free
of charge e.g.

  1. substitute (replacements) and guarantee goods
  2. samples, and advertising items
  3. gifts
  4. returned goods
  5. printed advertising material.

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