Importing meat

When importing meat to Sweden, you need to consider authorisations, licenses, registrations, veterinary inspections and any regulations issued by other authorities.

Several authorities, for example the Swedish Food Authority, the Swedish Board of Agriculture and Swedish Customs are jointly responsible for the regulatory framework for foodstuffs. The website verksamt.se contains information from these authorities about considerations when importing meat and similar products.

Read the information about importing foodstuffs from the authorities on verksamt.se.

Customs duty

As a rule, you are required to pay customs duty when importing meat. To determine how much to pay, you need the commodity code for the meat that you intend to import, as well as its country of origin.

Find the commodity code by classifying your commodity in the query system Tulltaxan (Taric). The commodity code consists of 10 digits, which determines which import regulations apply.

Read the notes

There are many notes in Chapter 2: Meat and edible offal, in Tulltaxan. It is important to read them prior to importing. These notes define concepts such as dried meat, smoked meat and ham, and explain how to calculate your customs duty when trading with mixed meat products.

Calculating based on value or quantity

The customs duty may be calculated according to two methods. It is based either on the value of the goods or the quantity (weight or volume). The commodity codes in Tulltaxan (Taric) will determine if the customs duty should be based on the value or the quantity of the goods. For some goods you are required to pay customs duty on the value of the goods, as well as quantity-based customs duty. Quantity based customs duty is charged according to the rate in Tulltaxan or a special list of rates based on specific supplementary codes.

Other fees

There may be additional fees to pay for certain foodstuffs. Please consult Tulltaxan (Taric) to determine whether your goods are subject to such fees and, where applicable, how much you owe.

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