The transit procedure enables you to transport goods through one or more countries without having to pay duty and tax. You must provide a guarantee in order to ensure that duty and tax are paid in the event that the transit operation is not ended properly.

For common and Community transit, you submit your transit declarations electronically to the New Computerised Transit System (NCTS), using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

When starting a transit operation, you contact Swedish Customs at the point of departure, where you present the goods, submit a transit declaration, and provide a guarantee. Once Customs has released the goods for transit, you may transport the goods with their accompanying transit documents to the customs authority at the point of destination. There, you present your goods and the transit documents. Once the customs authority at the point of departure has been notified that the transit operation was ended properly, the transit operation will be discharged and your guarantee will be returned.

NCTS/TIR, regarding the obligation of

It is mandatory for the TIR-holder or his agent to submit the TIR-carnet data electronically for all TIR-movements within the community. To be able to submit an electronic declaration in NCTS you need to be authorized by Swedish Customs. To achieve such authorization, your company has to be registered in Sweden. If your company is not registered in Sweden, you will have to contact a Swedish representative or freight forwarder and ask them to register your NCTS/TIR declaration.

Further information

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