Firearms and ammunition

Firearms and ammunition may not be brought into or out of Sweden without permission. The Swedish Police are responsible for this particular issue.

The word firearm means weapons with which bullets, buckshot, harpoons or other projectiles can be fired with the aid of gunpowder charges, CO2 charges, compressed air or similar firing agents.

Tear gas, pepper spray devices and crossbows are also counted as firearms, as are starting and signalling weapons that are loaded with cartridges. Ammunition means items such as cartridges, projectiles, and blasting caps.

Hunting and shooting competitions

Permanent import or export of arms


Regulations concerning import are found in the Weapons Act (1996:67) and the Weapons Ordinance (1996:70).  
Regulations concerning export are found in the Weapons Ordinance (1996:70), the Military Equipment Act (1992:1330), and the Military Equipment Ordinance(1992:1303).

Other countries' import and export regulations

You can learn more about the import and export regulations in other countries through contacting the respective country's embassy or consulate.

Last updated: 2020-06-09

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